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Am I the one for you?

 To begin to answer this frequently asked question,  I will describe briefly the types of challenges and ailments I have treated over the past two decades. 


I have spent half of my time working with adolescents and young, still-dependent adults.  I have seen hundreds of individuals from the age of middle school through the post-college years for ailments such as  Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Substance Abuse/Addictive Disorders and Adjustment Disorders typically seen during these challenging years.   My approach for this age group is a combination of individual and family therapy.  The adolescent/young adult I see includes the full range of the over-achieving teen experiencing high levels of anxiety, for instance, to the oppositional teen refusing to cooperate and possibly experiencing substance abuse issues.

As I have aged over the years, so have many of my clients.  Subsequently, I also work with adults around similar ailments as mentioned above: Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Substance Abuse/Addictive Disorders and Adjustment Disorders typical in the adult years.  A combination of individual, couple and family therapy can be employed as needed.

Finally, I have worked with many couples, both married and in committed relationships, around struggles and challenges inherent in human relationships.  

Demographically I am a middle-aged male, married for close to twenty years and the father to two adopted Ethiopian siblings who have amazed me, at times frustrated me but made my life more full and interesting than ever.  I have traveled multiple times to Europe, South America, Africa, Turkey and throughout the United States which has shaped my worldview and how I believe we best fit on our planet.  My interests include photography, growing native plants to attract interesting insects to my yard and listening to jazz albums just up to the point where I might drive my family a bit crazy.


In therapy, I like to learn about you as a person and more than just the ailments for which you are seeking treatment.   Research into success in therapy almost always points to the quality of the therapist-client relationship vs. techniques used.  This doesn't discount the value of a sound therapeutic approach and practice but instead, illustrates the importance of the human connection.  We will get to know each other well within the confines of the professional therapeutic relationship.  

I respect and appreciate the desire of interested clients to "shop" the therapeutic relationship until they feel comfortable with a fit.  In fact, I encourage it.  Every personality is different and when two personalities come together there is a powerful flow of energy which can stir up a lifetime of experiences, both good and bad.  If you come one time and it just doesn't feel right, there is no commitment to continue.  It happens and maybe I can help you find a more comfortable fit.

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