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Adolescent Small Group Therapy:  Pandemic Recovery
















Adolescent small group therapy will consist of a maximum of five adolescents of an approximate similar age.  Adolescents will be appropriately social-distanced and wear masks according to CDC and State of Maryland guidance.   

The focus of the group will be on the adolescents' experience of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The group will meet once weekly for 90 minutes and will meet five times in total.  Prior to the initial session, I will meet virtually with parents/guardians and their child for 40 minutes.  After the fifth session, I will meet virtually once again with the parents/guardians and their child for a review and suggestions/feedback.   

The five-week group will provide adolescents support for: ​


1. Processing the grief associated with the pandemic including the loss of loved ones and/or the events of the                    previous year of our lives.

2. Acquiring skills to manage the anxiety of return to "normal" life, including mindfulness techniques and cognitive-      behavioral tools.

3  Practicing socializing in a safe environment with a peer group.


After the completion of the five-week group experience, there will be an opportunity to continue in a more advanced group to further process pandemic-related challenges as well as more

typical challenges addressing adolescents aside from the pandemic.


For more information, please contact me through my email at


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